A Silver Lining in the Fiercest of Storms

For the last several days, it has been a constant rain and downpour mixed with thunderstorms. There just seems to be no end in sight for the rain.

What does your life forecast look like? Are you watching a storm front approach with no way that you can stop it or get out of the way? Perhaps you are already in the midst of a violent storm, buffeted on all sides by the tempest.

It’s easy to look at the dark grey skies and see nothing but rain and lightning and listen to the roar of the wind and the rumble of thunder. Try to remember that there is a warm sun shining brightly over the tops of those storms and a cleansing fresh growth that follows the rain.

Jesus calmly slept as the waves crashed and tossed the boat about in the midst of a storm. What must have been going the minds of the disciples in the midst of that storm? What was Satan whispering in their ears to fuel their fears?

It might have been something like, “Is this the moment you die?”; or “Why follow a GOD who would lead you into such perils? Is it even worth it?”; or perhaps the worst thing of all, “Why did GOD abandon you out here all alone to suffer such a fate as this? Did HE ever really love you?”
During your storm, those questions might have made their way into your own heart.

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