Thanksgiving Blessings

Most of my friends may not know this, so it may be a surprise.

This past Thanksgiving marks the first holiday that I have ever enjoyed a large family gathering in my home. I have always had to go to someone else’s house to spend Thanksgiving. I cannot express how blessed and happy I feel right now.

A little over a year ago, I took in a family that needed some help. I do not regret offering my home to them in the least bit.
A big house needs the laughter of children running through it all the time. My house had stood empty for many years. I had always wanted a large family of my own.

Please do not think that I do not value what God gave me. My daughter is still very precious to me and I thank God every day for putting her in my life. However, I had grown up in a large family.

I have always wanted a larger family myself, but God knows what I needed then and now. He has always provided, even when I did not recognize it was His doing.
This family, though they are not flesh and blood or by marriage, has been a blessing beyond measure.
I hope they will stay as long as needed for their mother to stand on her own without having to settle for someone who will just pay her bills. She deserves a man who will love her AND her children unconditionally and be willing to take care of ALL of them.
I cannot claim credit for taking care of them completely. Their mother goes through great strides to make sure her children have something to eat and adequate medical care. She helps with utilities when she can. I just opened my home to her and her children until she could stand on her own.
I am not a wealthy man by a long shot, and many times I have to rob from Peter to pay Paul. However, I count this family as one of my richest blessings. More money would make things easier on all of us, of course. It is difficult, but not impossible, to survive on less than $1100 a month, but we are all happier than I thought possible before they moved into my life.

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